Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 31: Following my muse for another day

Work in progress from this morning
Work in progress from this evening
(Effy Wild is hosting another Blog Along as, for reasons you can read about on her blog here, she decided to start over in May and I have decided to continue and follow along as there is much I still wish to write and share about.  So, here goes another day.)

Before I start these are pics of the painting I am currently working on, one from this morning and the other from this evening.  It's amazing the difference in the colors in the pictures as this morning I had natural light and this evening it was not.

I know that yesterday I said I would write about empowerment and how I was thinking about where exactly I am in my Dreams but...

At first I felt guilty about not finishing and posting it because I said I would and it is important for me to establish trust and consistency.  If I was just blowing it off then the guilt would be justified but I am not.  The truth is that I have spent most of the day on creative projects.  I did some cleaning this morning as well and was going to clean some more when I stopped myself.  I often allow myself to get caught up in the little details and use that as a reason to avoid my creativity.  I am working to change that pattern so I stopped myself today because I did clean and really, the rest of it could wait until tomorrow.  My Soul was calling me to paint and the class I'm taking was calling me to creatively play and the bracelet I am making for a gift was calling for me to bead it and I had to answer.  I wanted to answer.

When I answer that call I let my Soul and my Creativity know they are important.  When I answer the call I let my Soul and my Creativity know they are important.  When I answer that call I allow joy and Divine connection into my Life.  So, I answered the call and have been lost joyfully in it today.  Paint on my fingers, projects all over my studio, books bound, stamping and gluing and beading...  It's been wonderful!  So I won't guilt myself into feeling badly about that and instead will allow myself to feel the magick, wonder and joy in that.

I did, however, start to work on the empowerment/where am I in my Dreams post so I will continue to work on it tomorrow, if that is where my Soul leads me and when It is ready, I promise I will post it.

May you be blessed with love and light,

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  1. You work is beautiful, the colors really speak to me. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.