Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 32: Lessons learned from a selfie

I don't take selfies, well I didn't until today.  For a long time I didn't even have a picture of myself for my Facebook profile, instead I used a picture of my art.  To be honest, I generally do not like pictures of myself and am not a big fan of having my picture taken.  I've only started included pictures of myself on my profile over the past year or so and only with family, none by myself, until today.

I took the picture to include in a journal spread for the art journaling class I'm taking, Book of Days.  I almost didn't do it, I thought about using a picture of myself as a child instead but I'm intent on getting outside of my comfort zone and healing energy patterns and I knew this was something I had to do for me.

It really is just a picture right?  But I took 9 of them before I got one that I liked.  And I only kind of liked it.  It's strange because when I look in the mirror I see a different girl than the one that looks back at me from photos.  I thought about that a lot.  Why is it I look in the mirror and can see a pretty girl but I look at photos and see flaws?  Interesting question.  What came to mind is that perhaps what I see when I look at a picture is what I feel the world sees.  I know who I am on the inside and I know that I am a beautiful person.  I think that deep down we all are, which may seem strange given what some people do but I believe it's in there, under all the hurt and pain and wounds that some people have.  But anyway...I know me, I know my stories, my wounds, what I have been through, how I have healed, who I am.  But the rest of the world doesn't know that.  Perhaps it is the judgement of others I see when I see myself in photos, or, perhaps that is just a reflection of some deep seeded judgement I have toward myself.

Just think, all of that from a selfie.  I definitely see meaning in all things and I am glad that I do.  It has definitely given me something to think about, not that I don't already have enough going on in there as there are many deep things on my mind these days.  But I know that things come to my attention and are reflected to me at the exact time I need to be aware of them.  For that I am grateful.

May you be blessed with love and light,

Here's a sneak peek of the page I'm doing for the class I mentioned above, it's not done yet but I am loving it so far.

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  1.'s like you could have been inside my head with this one! I see nothing but my faults in pics...but I have made a vow to myself that at least once a month I will be in a pic with my kids! I did this because I lost my Mom in August...and I have only a pic or two of us together and it hurts that due to my self consciousness I dont have that. Thank you so much for sharing this one :)