Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finally, some art...

"be witching"
I posted these on my Facebook page but before that, I haven't shared, or created, much art in a while.  I've been hiding a bit, reeling from all of the changes that have taken place in my life this year, including a, quite seemingly sudden, move from Florida to Tennessee.

The witch in me LOVES Halloween, it is my favorite holiday.  Something about the colors, the decorations, the images, I just love it!  And I loved it before my son was due and born on that day.  As much as I love it, this is the first year I have created any Halloween art.  I started off making this one, "be witching" for a dear friend of mine.  I loved it so much that I had to make two more!  They were SO much fun to create.

Usually I create things with a purpose and a message.  It's important for me to create pieces with meaning.  These pieces don't have the meaning that my usual work does but they were created with love, light, healing energy and, I believe, a message to embrace who you are.  I'm not sure everyone will get that, but I do.
"witchy woman"

I made a cauldron for "witchy woman" with foil, tissue paper and paint.  I wanted it to be my favorite because of the title, which just so happens to be one of my favorite songs, and because of how freakin cool the cauldron is but, I had to admit that this is  not my favorite.  Not that I don't love it, because I do, but it was a forced favorite.  "Spellbound" is my true favorite.  I love the colors, the papers, the images, the freakin cool is that broom!?

One more piece of Halloween art is a gift I made for my friend,s daughter.  While I'd like to gravitate to faces that show more emotion and expression, I really do love how she turned out.  I love the purple face, the colors, and how I was able to channel who my friend's daughter is and translate it into this piece of art.  She is unnamed but beautiful.

I have to say that, after all the heavy I wrote about here, it feels good to just display my art and take joy in the process and release of having created it.  I will definitely be making more Halloween art in the future as it is SO much fun!!!

May you be blessed with love, light, healing, and the magic of holiday seasons,


  1. I absolutely adore the portrait you made for your friend's daughter. I think everything we make has meaning, but it isn't immediately apparent. We have to lean into the meaning.

    1. Thank you Cherie! I love how you said that, "we have to lean into the meaning." I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. I love all the gorgeous layers you use in your artwork. Combined with the beautiful colors, all these pieces are real show-stoppers!

  3. These are all really neat pieces. I love spellbound the best.

  4. These are such fun. The witch in me really digs them all!