Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Assignment 1: Biography

Tia lives in sunny southwest Florida with her 12 year old son.  While the birth of her son started her on a path of personal growth and spirituality, it was a long and very rough road.  When she stumbled upon her creativity in 2002 she came to a point in which she knew she wanted to have a profoundly positive affect on the lives of others but it wasn't until she got into recovery, and started to heal from her addiction, that she felt the call to help others heal.

Tia began to visualize a coaching concept that could utilize spirituality and creativity, along with other healing modalities, with which she could help guide people on their healing journeys back to wholeness.  She found the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and knew that it was the perfect place, aside from her own experiences, to build a foundation for her healing practice.  She is currently studying Holistic Healthcare with a concentration in Mind Body Transformational Psychology with an emphasis in Spiritual Studies.

It is Tia's desire to use her life and experiences to serve by way of helping to guide people along their healing journeys back to wholeness and self-empowerment, helping people to find their own answers and discover their own truths.  She plans on providing a loving, compassionate, and safe space in which to facilitate the healing of others through the use of creativity, coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and intuition.  We all began our journey in wholeness and through life we became fragmented; it is her mission to help guide people back to that sacred space from which they came.  

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