Monday, March 25, 2013

The Courage to be Vulnerable...

It's not that I don't share from a vulnerable place, because I do.  That's where I dig up the treasures that I share with others.  It is in walking my path, feeling my pain, looking at the reflective surface of my life and digging deep into myself that I am able to share the wisdom and insight that I do.  But this place I am in right now is perhaps one of the most painful I have experienced in many years.  I have written blog posts from inside this storm in my journal, too afraid to share from the rawness of where I was when I wrote them.

There are blogs I read that inspire me, that have given me, bit by bit, courage to finally share my vulnerability.  I admit it, I am afraid.  But lately, one person in particular has inspired courage in me and her name is Effy Wild.  I am not going to share her story because it is not mine to share, but I will say that her courage in sharing her vulnerability and rawness, her being so open with where she is at, has inspired me to find the courage to do the same.  For that I am grateful.

Stephanie Gagos at and Mastin Kipp at The Daily Love have also inspired me over the past month or so as they've shared the importance of being in the line of work of coaching and helping people heal, and sharing your vulnerability.  I get that.  To help people heal I have to let people know that I have walked through my own pain and my own challenges.  It has not ever been my intention to give the impression that it is without effort that I navigate life the way that I do.  It does take effort.  It is a process.  Sometimes I forget that.  When it is big, I sometimes forget that I cannot skip from getting a cut to getting the stitches out and moving on.  I have to go through the process.

It is with the intent to help others heal that I share.  It is with the intent to be raw and real and as transparent as I can be in this present moment that I share.  And most importantly, it is the intent to heal my own wounds and transform, and use those to be of service to myself and others that I offer up what I do.  It is with these intentions that I will share some of my thoughts from Inside the Storm.  It's been almost 5 weeks and the storm has somewhat subsided, but waves still crash down on occasion and I do my best to feel it and go in to the center of it to see what is in me that will benefit from healing.  And while, as I said, it is not without effort, the effort will be worth it when I emerge healed and transformed into a more beautiful, truer version of myself.

With light and love,

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