Saturday, November 24, 2012

Endings, caterpillars, and wings...

What does it really mean for something to "end"?  It means that something is no longer of service to one's Highest Good.  It served it's purpose while it was was, perhaps by promoting growth and transformation, activating characteristics needed to the next part of the journey, showed us Who We Are or Who We Are Not, helped us to gain confidence.  It's simply a transition from one thing to the next.

Our beliefs and perceptions about the "ending" and how we choose to define it determine what comes next.  We could cling to it, refusing to let it go, because we are afraid of being without it, whether it be a place we live, a job, a relationship, a belief, or a pattern of behavior.  But in clinging to it we remain stuck in a cycle of what no longer serves us.  That is, of course, until we decide to unstick ourselves.  An important question is, do you believe you are always being guided to your Highest Good?  And honestly, there are gifts and reminders for us in choosing to cling to it, if we are willing to look at and examine it.  If you start to hold on for dear life and become aware that you are doing so, then you can use that behavior to gain insight and allow it to become a tool for further growth and transformation.  Some questions to ask:  What am I afraid of here?  If I've been guided to this point, do I really think that, if I let go, the guidance will suddenly stop?  What is the clinging here to remind me of in relationship to Who I Really am?  What if I need to let go to allow the next thing in for my Highest Good?  Answering these questions gives us an opportunity to shine a light on the fears, it can even be helpful to journal a conversation with the fear.  Listen to it.  Do not give your power to it, but accept, admit, and acknowledge that it is there.  Use it as a tool.  Sometimes all it needs is to be heard.

An "ending" is sometimes merely a transition of something from it's current for to a Higher, more beneficial form for your Highest Good.  The life of the caterpillar seems to end when it wraps itself up in a cocoon.  That is, until it emerges a beautiful butterfly with wings that carry it on to it's next phase of life.  The energy form that was the caterpillar still exists, but its outward appearance changed form, that is all.  The caterpillar went from being confined to a surface, to growing wings and being able to fly and soar and land wherever it serves it purpose to.  Do you think that the caterpillar, right before spinning its cocoon, thinks, "Hmmm.  I don't know about this.  I'll be in the dark for a while, all alone, what if I get scared?  What if my wings stop working and I fall out of the sky?  Am I even worthy of being a butterfly?  How can I say good-bye to being the caterpillar I am?  Maybe I'll just keep my legs and slink around on the ground for the rest of my time here.  Maybe that's safer."  Instead of doubting, the caterpillar instinctively knows to cocoon itself up.  That Divine part of itself guides it to the cocoon, through the darkness and transformation within the cocoon, and emerges with it, as it spreads its wings and flies away as a butterfly.

Maybe you're approaching the cocoon.  Or, perhaps you are inside of it, receiving Divine guidance to emerge from the darkness.  To do those things, something has to end, to transition, to transform, to make room in your life so that you can spread your wings and fly.  If something is serving you and is meant to be in your life, whether it be a relationship, a job, a person, a behavior, it will still be there when you work your way out of the cocoon.  If something is not serving you and is not meant to be in your life, it will either change form or fall away.  And in that case, bigger, better, truer statements of Who You Are will find their way into your life.  At some point we instinctively knew that it was time to get on all fours and crawl.  It served us for a time until it no longer worked.  There was nothing wrong with crawling but it didn't serve us anymore as we wanted to better explore our world and see from a new perspective, so we stood up and began to walk.  There may have been a little bit of fear when it came time to let go and walk, but we did it anyway, allowing us better access to our world, as well as a new perspective, just as we desired.  There is nothing "wrong" with being afraid of letting go and allowing the things that have run their course to "end" but, it is important to shine the light on them if this does happen.  There also is not anything "wrong" with being stuck for a while either.  And again, as long as we are willing to shine the light on the "stuckness" we can use it as a tool for forward motion.

Remember, when something "ends," it means there is a new beginning, a truer statement of Who You Really Are, right around the corner.  If you are not open to seeing it then, while it will still be there, you will not have the perspective to see its appearance.  You see, the caterpillar had the wings the whole time, it always knew that.  The reflective time in the "darkness" of the cocoon simply gave it a new perspective so that it could physically manifest what it always knew was there.  Like the caterpillar, you have had wings the whole time.  Your soul simply drew you to experiences in which, over time, you could finally choose to see that they were always there.  Experiences which give you the strength to break out of the cocoon and lift your wings.  Those experiences were the process of manifesting the energy of the wings into the physical world.  So bless those things that are no longer serving you and express gratitude for them and, with a deep breath or two, let them go.  Shift your perspective to allow yourself to see the beauty in the perceived "endings" in life. Trust that what is coming next will be for your Highest Good so that you can, eventually, spread the wings that have always been there, and fly.

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