Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 15: My Punky Doodle

My puppy on his first day with me
I'd like to start off by saying that I am so excited and proud of myself as I am half way through participating in Effy Wild's April Blog Along!  Yay!  I was a little nervous about declaring such a commitment publicly and being able to stick to it.

On with today's blog.  This is a picture of my puppy that I received for your birthday two weeks ago.  He is an adorable Siberian Husky with one blue eye and one brown.  I love this dog so much!  I was so surprised when my friends got him for me, and SO happy, that I cried.

I wanted to see his personality before I named him so I've been watching him develop and grow and come into his own and, in the meantime, I call him Punky Doodle.

The first couple of days he was very calm.  He just hung out and was so peaceful and relaxed.  Based on those traits I considered naming him Aaru, which I still like, and means peace.

But as the days wore on, and he became more and more comfortable in his new home, he started to become very adventurous.  He had, and still has, no problem just wandering about exploring things.  Those traits led me to consider Ferren as a name for him which, of course, means adventurous.

Punky Doodle and his Aunt Harley
And of course there is the middle name, yes, my puppy must have a middle name.  I am very attached to Kachina which means Spirit.  And regardless of what name I settle on I am pretty sure that will be his middle name.

In the case with both names, while I liked them, neither one of them hit me and said, "yes, that is who you are."  I have asked him to come into my dreams and tell me and/or send me a sign.  I have had him for two weeks and nothing has come.  Little bits and pieces of his personality are being revealed everyday and I am paying attention to them all, but still...nothing.  I love calling him Punky Doodle and it so totally fits him but I'd like him to have an actual name and one that means something.  One that speaks and embodies all that he is.

He adores his Aunt Harley and is constantly climbing all over her and playfully biting on her.  He does not like to give kisses unless it's in the middle of the night or unless he puts his nose right on your lips and smells food.  He is still adventurous, curious, and very playful.  He loves to lay down between my feet and/or on my feet when he is tired.  He is not very attached and can take me or leave me sometimes, especially when it comes to his Aunt Harley.  That's not to say he doesn't love me or know that I'm his mama.  And tonight, I found him asleep with is face in a shoe.  He's just too funny sometimes.

I'm going to continue watching him and trust that a name will come to me in the right time.  Of course, that takes effort because I worry that a name won't come but I know that if I continue to think that way I will create a the situation I am worried about.  For now I am going to just love my Punky doodle and when a name comes, it will come.

May you be blessed with love and light,

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