Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 21: I now have a studio!

Recent events in the house I'm staying at left a bedroom open.  My bedroom and creative space are in the basement.  When the bedroom opened up the plan was for me to move my bedroom upstairs and set up a separate studio space where my bedroom is now.  Every time I thought of doing that I didn't like the thought of having my creative space where there was no natural light.

With the present warming weather and summer coming I decided that I would be okay keeping my room in the much cooler basement.  Which, of course, means that I could put my studio upstairs!

I spent the morning working on a pallet chair for my new studio space (it still needs a back) and building a pallet stand to put an old door on that I was using as a work table.  You can see my obsession with pallets from the picture as there is also a pallet work table and a pallet desk.  I spent the afternoon moving up my essentials, well, a few more things than my essentials but then again, doesn't everything qualify as an essential when it comes to creative supplies?
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my studio space!!!  I can't even tell you how excited I was to begin creating in it but I am sure a lot of you understand.  I spent the evening hanging out in my studio, (I love saying that) and worked on a project and painted the girl I drew days ago in my journal.  If I wasn't so tired I would still be in there but the building, the moving, the up and down the stairs and all of the creating has left me gloriously worn out.  It's a really good worn out.  I can't wait to get back in there tomorrow!

May you be blessed with love and light,


  1. Sounds like you are feeling empowered. Fantastic.

  2. Yes, I guess I am :) Thank you