Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 19: A visit from a butterfly

I spied this brilliantly colored yellow and black butterfly from across the yard as it was going from flower to flower all around the tree.  I went up to the tree and started taking pictures, following this beauty around the tree until I got this picture.  It's almost as if it paused and posed just for me.

The butterfly is rich with symbolism: faith, journey of the soul, transition, powerful new beginning.  I know this stunning creature did not catch my attention by accident, I do not believe in coincidence.  I had a moment last night, rather early this morning, as I was walking around the yard at 2 am talking to myself, my Soul, Spirit, the Universe and Mother Nature.  One of those tears in my eyes, pleading for direction, lump of emotional energy in my throat wanting to bust up and out of me type moments.  And it carried over and was with me when I woke up.

But today, after my late afternoon shower, I felt a shift, messages came my way through songs that played, something I read in a book I haven't picked up since December, through conversation, and, with the arrival of this butterfly.  I'm sitting with all of it.  Writing about it.  Doing my best to feel my way into it.  I am grateful for the response to my pleas last night, carried off into the wind.  They are all conspiring for my Highest Good and I forget that sometimes, lately, more than usual.  But I know it to be true.  The key is to figure out how to help all of it make that trip from my head, where I know it, to my heart, where I feel it.  I'm sitting with that as well.  I feel like I am sitting with a lot, working through so much, digging deep, sorting it all out.  Yet, that is the nature of transformation isn't it?

May you be blessed with light and love,


  1. Fantastic Post and what a Fabulous Picture!! I LOVE Butterflies!!

    1. Thank you Dawn! Butterflies are great :)