Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5: Some works in progess

 I have a confession to make, I am a messy artist.  When I am in the middle of working on a project (or two or three :), my work space explodes into a whirlwind of inspiration and, yes, total chaos.  There's paint, paper towels, colored pencils, oil pastels, glue, everywhere.  I also try to keep an art journal out to clean my brayer, clean up extra paint and to just be there in case I get inspired to create a page.  But...once the project or projects are finished, I do clean up and put things away.  So it's not that bad, right?

Right now I have five paintings I'm in the progress of doing.  They are a series of paintings for the bathroom that my shower curtain, (pictured below), is in.  I haven't started on the fifth yet because I'm waiting to see how the other four paintings want to end so that I can incorporate a version of them all into the final piece.  My hope was to be inspired by the shower curtain, which I absolutely love, but not copy it.
shower curtain by Deviant Art

 I think I started out trying to mimic it too much.  I started with the turquoise colored paintings first and when I first started them, I hated them.  But if I've learned anything within the process of my creativity, it's to stick with the painting through the "ugly and I hate it phase."  I'm so glad I did because as I continued to work with them I started to really love the way they were growing and progressing.

I then moved on to the orange ones and it was a little rough in the beginning of those as well but, same as with the first two, I am really enjoying their progress.  The colors are the same in both of the orange ones but the colors in the second one turned out muted in the picture.

They aren't finished yet, they are calling to me to add more bits and pieces and I am excited to see what they wish to be, especially because I've never done a series of work before.  You never know until you try, I might fall in love with the idea of doing a series and you may see more of them from me.  I'll keep you posted on how these turn out.

With light and love

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  1. These are all lovely and remind me I need to do six pages for a swap I'm in. to get on with creating.