Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 26: She's finally done!

Just a little bit of art today.  After many days and much work she is finally finished.  It was a bit of a rough road with this one.  At one point I hated the background and I almost walked away from it and, while I've had those moments of dislike with art before, I've always just stayed with it.  Thanks to Effy Wild's paint over "Wildly Inspired" Episode, which I just so happened to be watching when I got to that walk away point, I decided to go back and paint over most of the background.  I'm so glad I did as I really like the way it turned out.

I hadn't planned on the Easter type theme, it just flowed forth and I followed it.  At the last minute the eggs called for Runes to be placed on them.  It speaks to me of Spirit, Spring, Renewal, Rebirth.

The more I look at her the more I think I like her.

May you be blessed with love and light,


  1. This is a wonderful piece of art Tia I'm pleased for you that your actions resulted in this

    1. Thank you so much Suzy, I really appreciate that :)